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From Ceramic raw material mines and now upto finished products, anchor group has expanded across the world and are the leading manufactures and exporters of ceramic sanitaryware

1950 - 60

Ceramic raw material & fire clay mining
Mining of ceramic raw material & supplying to major companies i;e Johnson tile,
Cera sanitaryware etc.

1960 - 70

Ceramic refractory and crockery manufacturing
Commenced manufacturing of ceramic refractory fire bricks
Ceramic crockery manufacturing.

1970 - 80

Commenced manufacturing of ceramic sanitaryware
Ceramic sanitaryware
Ceramic wall tiles manufacturing

1980 - 90

First tunnel kiln to increase the production and start of exports

1990 - 99

Widened its market by exporting to Middle East, East Africa and Sri Lanka

2001 - 2010

The Export Countries - awarded as the countries highest exporter.
Expansion by establishing brand new factory with longest and biggest kiln with production capacity of 1500 pcs per day.

2010 - 2018

Growth in the exports and target markets ranging from developing to developed countries.
Started first manufacturing unit for plastics seat covers and fittings in the area and diversed the products range Certificate from dgft as the star export house.

Further expanded its footprints by exporting its products to European Countries and Latin America